Are you trying for perfect?

I recently went to a wedding where, despite the best efforts of those around her, it was plain for everyone to see that the bride didn’t really enjoy the day.  The self-imposed pressure was just too much.  That’s not the official line, of course.  The official line is that everything was ‘perfect’.  Who dare speak of an unhappy bride?  How could anyone possibly admit disappointment after so much expense?

Are you heading for this, too?

Take a deep breath and get real.  Here’s the cold, hard truth.  Something. Might. Go. Wrong.  Shock horror!  Who knew. 

Are you going to be annoyed that the hairdresser turns up later than planned?  Are you going to be irritated by the mis-behaving flower girls?  Are you going to secretly fume that everyone isn’t behaving how you wanted them to behave? 

Or are you going to take the decision to roll with whatever the day brings you and enjoy every god-damn minute of it? 

Your choice.

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