You can’t buy it

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt recently, it’s that the amount of money you spend on a wedding is NOT directly proportionate to how beautiful it is, or indeed to how much you enjoy the day.  OK, if you’re on Victoria Beckham’s budget, and you want diamond-studded bouquets, go for it.  If that’s what makes you happy, go ahead and be happy.  Will that make you happy?

What are you actually buying?  Someone else’s vision of ‘perfect’?  The confidence that if it’s expensive, it must be right?  Or – dare I say it – the jealousy of your friends (“friends”)?  The promise that everyone at your wedding will remember it?  Really?

Think back to a great event you went to.  What comes to mind?  I’m going to bet it isn’t the table centrepieces or the colour scheme.  It was great because you had a good time, right?  You spent time with people you love, you laughed, you danced, someone embarrassed themselves, there’s a story to tell that makes you laugh every time..

You can’t buy that stuff.

Your guests will remember a heartfelt, funny speech from someone who genuinely loves you.  They’ll remember how you couldn’t stop smiling all day.  They’ll remember the pain in their feet after dancing for too long. 

There’s plenty of gorgeous wedding ‘props’ to buy.  Fill your boots.  Just remember the things that  are guaranteed to make your wedding day beautiful.  Smiles on faces. A bride wearing something that she feels the prettiest version of herself in.  Love.  Genuine ‘I love you so much I could squeeze you’ love.  Love for your partner.  Love for your granny. Grab-you-and-pull-you-on-the-dancefloor-love. We’ll-always-be-best-friends-love. I-had-a-huge-crush-on-you-when-I-was-15-give-me-one-last-dance-love. OK, maybe keep that last one to yourself, but you get the picture.

No-one is saying you shouldn’t care about the details.  But put your heart (and budget) in to the details that matter to you.

What do you think?  Can you buy your happiness?  


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