If the shoe fits

Ballet, kitten heel, high heel, skyscraper – whatever you choose to wear on your wedding day, make sure the shoe fits you – wear what suits your feet and your soul, wear what you feel good in.

(The images for this post could have gone on for-ev-ah.  So many shoes, so little time.)

Drool. Shoes are a great way to add a splash of colour.

Wedges are a great alternative to high heels, if you want some height without the teetering.

Yum.  Just..yum.

More your style?

How ’bout some hot flatties?

There’s a girl that lives by her own rules.

  Tip:  Have a spare pair of shoes for the evening, even if it’s just another pair of heels – your feet will appreciate the change.  Or just kick them off and dance, girl! 

Have you got any tips to share?

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Signs of love

How cute?

The appetite for signs used in weddings doesn’t seem to be waning at all. And it’s no surprise, with brides finding more and more lovely ways to use them to beautiful effect.  If you have a creative streak (or a creative friend!), this is also a potentially very-cheap-to-make touch, too.  All you need is a canvas, some paint and a bit of imagination. 

Do you like this idea?

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